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Why influencer marketing?

Social media has a huge impact on the lives of millenals. 70 per cent of India's population actively uses social media. With this huge reach, Influencer marketing creates brand awareness and brands social media presence. Research shows it has x11 more ROI than traditional banner advertisement.
Trend Traffics campaign strategy focuses on the targeted audience and optimum marketing.
Create organic advertisements and give a voice to your brand. 


Why Trendtraffic?

We give you the most relevant Influencers according to your brand values, brand image, and geolocation. Our campaigns are tailored just to your needs such that they reach the maximum of your target audience and have the best possible impression among the viewers. Influencer marketing is the fastest-growing consumer acquisition method, and we provide you with the best technology and service giving you an edge above your competition.


Social media Presence is so important for any kind of business under its any development stage. Having Social Media Management with active mindset is must because this is what that will lead you and your brand towards growth. You must have to start somewhere!! Right? When it comes to pin pointing reasons regarding how crucial it can result you can get many inputs like wide reach, target customer base, personalized experience, Connecting with right audience at right time and most importantly you gonna fix your place over many other competitor of your domain. So it's pretty win win situation for you to indulge in framing your company's or brand social media Presence.

Influencers marketing means connecting with the right audience through the right content on the right platform through the right person. In the coming times, these influencers have proved to be game-changers in the market, or we can say that they are happening. Because in today's era, where people are very alert and less trusting of companies and brands, Influencers can play a big role in maintaining those trusts. And perhaps this is the only thing that big brands are promoting influencer marketing, but brands are now targeting influencers who have creativity in their fields. Brands also want that the content present will be more attractive and encourage viewership towards their brand.

Influencer marketing lets brands make their mark in reaching their target audience. One influencer leads to multiple influencers. Extensive research is conducted to find the apt influencers after deciding on the plan set with the network, prime goal, and influencers' kind to be targeted. Recent years has seen influencer marketing criticized to a certain extent. Influencers have found ways to produce content and expand their follower base while companies ranging from smaller ones to international ones find their success by connecting to influencers.

The idea comes from monetizing the social media to a large extent as much as we can. We can never know how a certain thing can impact our lives in different ways .Social media is a powerful tool and is playing a distinctive role for various kinds of audience. Influencing Marketing has become a great trend and is satisfying all the social media influencers ,brands as well the customers who buy products on any E-commerce platform.People from different places can easily get to know about products that are available in the market and get it online and this works more when the influencers whom they follow promotes the product because there builds the trust,same kind of interest..etc.To avail all of these easily and to run the entire process of influencing marketing smoothly TRENDTRAFFIC comes into picture..!

In increasing ROI for a company/brand, many companies/brands use influencer marketing in their business. Moreover, an influencer is someone who can connect authentic audiences on social media with the content they create. Influencers have loyal followers and high engagement on social media, which is an advantage for a company/brand in increasing brand visibility, can generate high conversions, and of course increase ROI. If the company/brand can work with influencers well, of course the ROI will be high, and vice versa. Of course, further planning and tactics are needed for this to be of benefit to both parties.

The first thing which comes to our mind by hearing the above topic is What is SEO, Why SEO, How does it helps companies and Brands.. Seo stands for Search Engine Optimization . Nowadays people spend most of their spare time on Google and social media . With time people are shifting towards the digital world leaving behind the old method of paper work. So, why not take your business and brand on the internet and make people aware of your existence . ? Seo helps companies to not only reach people in diff parts of the world but also is comparatively cheap and more result oriented . One can sell his products and render services to people in diff locations thus giving more opportunities and exposure to their business . It is user friendly and helps the companies to provide better service and come up with more options for its buyers helping them to stand out of the crowd by using their Marketing skills and knowing about the trending taste of the people.

With PPC/ad sense/display ads, marketers pay every time the ad space owner in exchange for using that ad space, but for influencer marketing, we can pay TRENDTRAFFIC onetime and get the owned and earned media.

Social media is a new public relation platform where people connect to each other while we run social media one has to manage it properly,time to time. One has to keep engaging with their audience. The most important thing that comes into managing social media is planning the content that your audience will love and that can help them. Go with a strategic plan you can assist a social media manager for the same.

In 2021 we are going to see a huge amount of user-generated content on social media, advertising and promoting their brands because we had a very firm start in 2020 and we are going to see the massive results in 2021. After COVID-19, we all started working from home. Of course, It was very difficult for all the businesses to establish themselves advertise their brands getting into the market. Especially for offline businesses. So, It became a must for all the businesses to evolve themselves from offline to online. To establish and advertise their businesses by staying safe. Most of them started to reach and communicate with their customers through the Internet. They opened up themselves to a whole new potential audience. Social media success is not limited due to corona. Social media marketing and advertising will only increase in the upcoming years.

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